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Several seminars available regarding the Middle East

USI is pleased to present the MEM Summer Summit, ten full days of various seminars and forums for young minds from Mediterranean countries, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

MEM, which is under the direction of professor Gilles Kepel, as well as the Summit, has as a main purpose the critical gaze on the tragic events regarding the region of the Middle East.

After five years of instability, violence, civil war and the destruction of entire populations, it is the right moment to raise awareness and create relations with Europe that can lead to strong cultural ties.

But why specifically Lugano? The organizers claim that the neutrality of Switzerland is a secure basis for new geopolitical challenges. In addition, USI is among the most international Universities of the country, with 3000 students and 800 professors from over 100 different nationalities. And in fact, what it is asked is to develop a vision based on dialogue and the dissemination of cultural and educational experiences towards the Middle East. The program which is available at the official USI website: www.usi.ch, is organized at the Lugano campus and will host 38 countries.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Chaire Moyen-Orient Méditerranée de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and will host French President Emmanuel Macron and FDFA, the Swiss Federal Department of Forein Affairs. Among the media partners will be the RSI-Radio Swiss Television and Corriere della Sera.

In order to participate, online registration is required: www.mem-summersummit2018.ch. Places are limited and will be choosen by a committee of experts, by April 27, 2018. Do not miss it out!