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Silvia Naef describes the journey from the Koran to current events

It is believed that in Islam the image is strictly forbidden. In truth, the question is much more complicated: it is in fact a topic of great debate in the Islamic world. While some traditions believe that every form of image is condemnable, others argue that some forms are of right and approved.

Since the 19th century, with the diffusion of photography and cinema, pictures have been multiplied in the Muslim world. Even their point of view about photography has changed: while some declare it illicit because it represents an animated creature, others believe that photography constitutes a reproduction of reality: it is therefore allowed, but it should not portray anything illicit.

Nowadays, this debate is relevant more than ever: our contemporary world is in fact characterized by a massive increase of images.

Iconography in the Islamic world will be the core topic of the conference. It will be held on Thursday, March 15th (6:30 pm, classroom A-11 at USI) by Professor Silvia Naef.

The meeting, which is organized by MEM, will inaugurate a series of conferences that consists of 6 events (between March and May). The experts in the area of the Mediterranean Middle East are going to deal with different cultural, political, social and religious aspects of this region. The complete program of the conference cycle can be seen: www.usi.ch/mem-events.